How to use Social Integrations (Post Ads to Facebook and/or Twitter)


This article describes the usage of the Social Integrations feature.  This feature allows you to post your ads to Facebook and/or Twitter.


What is a Social Integration?

A social integration is a way for to interact with your social networking accounts.


Setup a Social Integration

To setup a social integration on you will first need to log into your account.  Once you are logged in you will be taken to your Manage Ads screen from here you will need to click on the “Profile” tab in your navigation (See Figure 1).

(Figure 1: Go to Profile)

After you have entered the profile screen you will need to click on the “Social Integrations” sub tab on your navigation (See Figure 2).

(Figure 2: Go to Social Integrations)


Now you are ready to setup your first Social Integration.  To setup the integration click on the “Add Social Integration” button (See Figure 3).

(Figure 3: Add Social Integration)


From here you will need to select the social integration you wish to setup (See Figure 4).  Select the social integration you wish you setup and click on the “Create Social Integration” button.

(Figure 4: Select Social Integration)

Now you will be directed to the social site you picked to authenticate the FreeRentalSite App on that site.  You will need to log in and approve the app to access your account.  If you have multiple accounts on the social site you will be redirected to a screen to select the account you wish to post to (See Figure 5).  An example of this would be having your personal and business Facebook accounts being accessed through one log in. Once complete you will be redirected back to (See Figure 6).

(Figure 5: Select Account)

(Figure 6: Social Integration Complete)

Your social integration is now complete.  You can now setup post to your account.


Schedule Social Integration Post

Once you have setup a social integration the next step is to setup to post to your social account.  This can be done by clicking on the “Scheduler” sub tab under the “Profile” tab on (See Figure 7).

(Figure 7: Go to Scheduler)

The scheduler allows you to schedule postings to your social integrations.  To get started doing this you will need to click on the “Create Event” button (See Figure 8).

(Figure 8: Create Event)

On the Create Event screen will be a list of event types that can be scheduled.  Select an event that you wish to create.  The explanations of the events are shown next to the event type. (See Figure 9)

(Figure 9: Select Event Type)

Finally you will need to setup the event’s parameters.  Begin by giving the event a name and then setting up the date you wish the event to begin.  Next select the time you wish the event to begin.  If you want the event to end you will need to enter and end date otherwise leave it blank.  If you wish the event to stop at a specific time then enter in an end time otherwise leave it blank.  Next select a repeat type if you wish for the event to repeat and if not leave it blank.  If you want to provide a description of the event you can supply it otherwise leave it blank.  Once you have completed the form click on the “Save Event” button. (See Figure 10)

(Figure 10: Create Event Form)

Now that the event is setup it will begin to execute on the date supplied and at the repeated intervals chosen.  If you want to edit or delete the event you can do so by clicking on the “Edit” or “Delete” link next to the event.



You should now be able to setup a social integration on and schedule post to your social accounts.


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